Link webservice interface

Link webservice interface

External software applications can use the Wings Web Service Interface to exchange data with Wings Online accounting and/or logistics, regardless of whether the external application is running locally or in the cloud. The Wings Web Service allows optimal use of the Wings Accounting Interface (WAI) and Wings Commercial Interface (WCI), also in the Wings Online environment.
Some advantages:

  • The Wings Web Service Interface is a SOAP interface (Simple Object Access Protocol) that is easy to address in any modern programming environment.
  • Communication is two-way with immediate verification of correct data transmission.
  • Queries on the Wings data allow XML files to be prepared for the external application.
  • Communication settings can be easily adjusted with scripts.
  • Communication is extra secure with SSL2 login (Secure Socket Layer).
  • The built-in virtual FTP server supports the transfer of large files.
  • WAI and WCI are included in every Wings installation as standard.

The Wings Web Service is an interface that enables an optimal link with an external web shop whilst making optimal use of Wings’ logistic functionalities.

For further information, please see the instructions under the Support tab.

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