General possibilities of Wings Logistics

General possibilities of Wings Logistics


  • several currencies, several languages, multiple users
  • high degree of configurability to suit your needs
  • logistical information supplemented according to the linked Wings Accounting
  • through a separate period closing in Wings Logistics you maintain great flexibility in an unclosed period
  • on-line correct information about the credit limit, taking into account both the last bookings in the accounting and the current deliveries
  • payments in logistics can be included in the accounting
  • secure processing thanks to integrated backup procedures and repair and audit programs
  • support of client-server processing
  • via the Wings Commercial Interface, further software extensions can be linked with Wings
  • printout of statistics and histories
  • list wizard to create reports yourself
  • printout of data to common file formats (xls, dbf, pdf, xml, etc.)

Document management

  • can set what documents are to be used and when
  • order confirmations, delivery slips, invoice/credit note layouts easy to establish by using wizards
  • several line discounts per detail line possible
  • manual and automatic comment lines according to document type

Basic data

  • fast inputting by setting default values
  • extensive records
  • optimal use of classification into product groups
  • customer and supplier records together with the accounting
  • extensive product descriptions which can consist of several lines
  • along with file of products also a file of comments and automatic comments

Stock management

  • stock parameters configurable per product
  • basic file for indication of the warehouse locations
  • setting of both the unit and the number of decimals per unit
  • indication of the weight per unit
  • indication of the order quantity upon purchase
  • indication of minimum and maximum stock
  • automatic calculation of fictitious stock
  • stock management linked to order management of customers
  • stock management linked to order management of suppliers
  • extensive stock history
  • inventory is recalculated on detail level per transaction
  • shortcut to call up stock planning per product
  • on-line stock adaptation when adapting transactions  

Price determination

  • price categories can be created by yourself (unlimited)
  • use of formulas to automatically calculate the prices
  • calculation of a price category can vary according to product group 
  • customers can be linked to a price category
  • products are placed in price group


  • order management of both customers and suppliers
  • standard loading proposal with various selection possibilities of the orders to be delivered
  • list of products to be ordered according to the stock and order information
  • rapid inputting through correct default values for product, customer, supplier
  • dynamic indication of used fields in document screens
  • flexible search possibilities with support of e.g. barcode, use of wildcards, etc.
  • printing of product labels with barcode for certain incoming and/or outgoing goods
  • use of both products and comments
  • possibility to define automatic comments
  • shortcut for calling up customer/suppliers/product information
  • shortcut for calling up history of customer/supplier/product
  • shortcut for calling up stock planning product 
  • product descriptions can be supplemented/modified on document level 
  • entered data can still be modified
  • possibility to enter payments immediately with deliveries 

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