Wings Online Workflow

In a fully electronic accounting, all information - including the accompanying documents - is saved digitally.

In the Enterprise version of its Accounting package, Wings Software offers a working method with which incoming invoices are automatically submitted to the employees who must approve them for booking or for payment (these employees are hereafter referred to as "signers").

  • the signers can be created in Wings, so that the approval rights are defined and the manner in which they are notified if there are documents to be approved is established
  • per supplier one can designate a permanent signer who is proposed for each incoming document

If a signer is a Wings user himself, then he can process his documents to be approved via the menu choice WORKFLOW in Wings Accounting.

For signers who do not themselves work with the Accounting package, but who nevertheless have to verify incoming invoices, Wings has developed with Online Workflow an application that works together seamlessly with the Workflow solution which is included in the Enterprise version of Wings Accounting:

  • the signer is created as an online user who receives access to the necessary data via the Cloud
  • the link for an app is passed on via a simple procedure that takes account of the necessary security issues. With this app the signer can log in and perform the following processes:
    • request the online approval list on screen. What has already been evaluated can also be called up
    • the document can be displayed in PDF format
    • the status can be adapted
    • a comment can be introduced for approved, rejected or forwarded transactions

Data is automatically synchronised between Wings Accounting and the Online Workflow environment.



Wings Online Workflow

Is available for smartphone, Android tablet, Windows tablet, iPhone and iPad. Wings Online Workflow is an extension of Wings Accounting Enterprise and can be used per signer on a subscription basis.

Wings Online Workflow

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