Press release

HEIST-OP-DEN-BERG – Wings is the first Belgian accounting software developer to support “ZUGFeRD”, the German electronic invoicing format.

Launched over a year ago, the name of the German e-invoice format is a nod to the German word “Zugpferd”, or draught horse. Wings decided to support the format because it has all the makings of a future European standard. 

Jan Sprengers (general manager of Wings): “ZUGFeRD has the potential to become a major player outside Germany as well. There are several reasons for this. First of all, Germany has the largest economy in Europe and the ZUGFeRD format is used by German companies, the software industry as well as the German government. Secondly, they chose the pdf format as the carrier of a structured e-invoice. As a result, a ZUGFeRD invoice will be accepted by nearly every European SME because you don’t need additional software to be able to read it. And finally, ZUGFeRD opted for widely accepted standards such as the ISO-supported PDF/A format and the European UN/CEFACT CII format, so all the angles are covered from a technical point of view as well.”

Wings produces 100% ZUGFeRD-compatible e-invoices that are recognised without a problem and processed automatically.

Apart from ZUGFeRD, Wings also supports e-invoices in the UBL, Zoomit and Certipost formats. Wings is involved in the Dutch UBL chain test and is part of the Belgian e-FFF forum.

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