Wings for SMBs

When choosing an administrative software, a large number of factors have to be taken into consideration:

• the purchase price
• the price of training
• the price of maintenance
• is the package user-friendly?
• is it a reliable program?
• does the program have the functionalities which I need right now?
• ...

 But factors which you certainly must not forget:

• can the package keep pace as my company grows?
• what if there is a change in the working methods within my company?
• how do I work together with an external accountant?

With Wings you can rest assured: in Wings Professional the objective goes much further than ´conducting an administration which fulfils the statutory obligations´.  With Wings Professional you get the maximum return from your administrative efforts, while disposing of all the information necessary to optimally manage your company.

If your SMB still doesn´t have that size, or you are still in the start-up phase, Wings Standard remains the solution which offers you guarantees of growth for the future. Because with Wings you have maximum freedom for setting your software:

• accounting for natural persons
• to be set as individual accounting
• satisfies VAT listing for small businesses
• can also be set for those who are not subject to VAT 
• invoicing possibilities always provide that you can also introduce a stock management.
And if we are no longer talking about a single company, but a group of companies where there is a need for specific reports and possible consolidated results, Wings Enterprise offers an appropriate solution here as well. You can also find further extensive logistical functionalities here.



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