Wings for Non-profit organizations

The accounting legislation on non-profit organisations makes a distinction between the obligations for:

  • small non-profit organisations
  • large non-profit organisations
  • very large non-profit organisations

Independent of this, a non-profit organisation can also fall under the VAT legislation.

Because all non-profit organisations since 2004 have been obliged to file annual accounts in a specific format, Wings Software offers a solution based on Wings Professional. Moreover, specific prices are applied for the non-profit organisations which are not subject to VAT.

Thanks to the high degree of configurability, Wings is ideal for all types of non-profit organisations:

  • all Wings software is characterised by its great user-friendliness
  • per financial year Wings can be configured for operation as simplified bookkeeping/double-entry bookkeeping
  • setting whether or not one requires VAT breakdown
  • Wings has specific account plans for the various types of non-profit organisations
  • For non-profit organisations there are also separate annual accounts.

Wings therefore offers a high level of security. Even when you have outgrown the stage being a small non-profit, you can - by adapting the settings - continue to work with the same program in later years.


Use via the internet:

It is characteristic for small non-profit organisations that the administration is frequently performed by employees who sacrifice a part of their free time for this. And if there is employed personnel, assistance from e.g. an external accounting firm is certainly not a superfluous luxury.

The possibility of using Wings via the internet (Wings Online) offers a solution here. The rental formula moreover makes investments in software unnecessary, and the special rates for non-profit organisations keep the costs within limits.

Installation on a local computer or a local computer network: 

Wings software can be installed quickly and efficiently on a Windows-compatible computer configuration. For the hardware requirements we refer to the general system requirements.

Here is an overview of a number of sectors that includes Wings Software customers which are non-profit organisations:

  • the healthcare sector
  • environmental organizations
  • sports clubs
  • artistic and cultural organizations
  • care for young people and the elderly
  • social economy
  • organizations which promote integration
  • assistance organizations

    We especially wish to draw attention to our applications for:
  • educational institutions
  • local employment agencies and service companies
  • day-care centres and services for foster families

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