System requirements

Installation on a local computer

A personal computer with a Windows operating system is required for this. In order to work flexibly:

• Minimum of 250 Mb of free disk space; in case of electronic archive: 10 Gb
• Minimum of 4 Gb Ram for OS Windows 7/8/10 (32 of 64 bit).
• a backup system on an external medium is recommended. Backup onto a local disk is integrated into the program.

MAC users: only supported on Wings Online.

Installation on a local network 

The peer-to-peer network form is not supported. As server you can opt for a Windows server NT2008 R2, NT2014 R2 or NT2016.
Wings uses an Advantage Database. When installed on a local PC, the Local Server version which is integrated into Wings free of charge may be used.
As soon as you work in a network and to ensure the performance and stability, the Advantage Database Server is obligatory.

!!! Attention: for NT 2016, version 12 of Advantage is required.

Use via the internet 

Wings is installed on the network servers of a datacenter,  The service and support of the software is completely managed by Wings Software. A secured access and environment are guaranteed.  For further detailed information, please consult Wings Online.
In order to use Wings via Wings Online, you need a computer system with a fast internet connection: this can be a PC with Windows, but can also be a Mac.
Moreover, as a user you have a choice:
• either you purchase a licence from Wings according to the version and modules desired, and take out the service and update subscription
• or you rent a licence from Wings according to the version and modules desired, service subscription included
For the prices for purchasing the licence, renting the licence and for the annual service subscription, we refer to the respective headings Accountants, SMBs and Non-profit organisations.


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