Strong points

Whatever version and whatever modules of Wings you choose, with Wings you will always be a step ahead. Because the unique concept of Wings succeeds in uniting extremes:

  • the simplicity of Wings places no restriction on the complete and professional possibilities
  • speed and efficiency are coupled with power and secure processing
  • customised possibilities are included with Wings in a standard software


  • the best of two worlds: the presentation power of Windows combined with the input speed of a DOS application
  • data files in standard DBF format (FoxPro)
  • extensive management information with, inter alia, turnover charts and payment profiles
  • 100% Windows 32-bit program (fast and reliable)
  • client-server processing via the optional Advantage Database Server


  • installation in less than 5 minutes
  • context-sensitive help
  • respects the most recent Windows operating standards
  • no Debit/Credit in purchase, sale and financial transactions
  • possibility of using account codes along with account numbers
  • layout of forms (including invoice documents) with the help of wizards


  • transactional processing of bookings
  • integrated backup in standard ZIP format
  • backup of changed data at a secure internet location 
  • various security levels (closings, automatic verification in case of interruption)
  • double protection against booking in wrong periods
  • an extensive user management with rights that can be set per user


  • an extensive keyboard interface guarantees fast and accurate inputting
  • arrow keys for navigation and function keys with a range of possibilities ensure smooth and efficient use
  • menu numbers and drop-down menus assure the highest input speed
  • the speed and quality of Windows are fully exploited: installation in less than 5 minutes, context-sensitive help function, standard Windows operation...

complete & professional

  • interface language can be Dutch, French or English, depending on the logged-in user
  • bookings in foreign currencies and in euros
  • two active financial years with a variable length
  • the data of closed financial years remain readily accessible
  • an unlimited number of journals and bookings ensure that Wings grows in pace with your company
  • audit and checking of general accounts against suspense account
  • automatic booking of exchange rate and payment differences
  • VAT declaration, listing, intracommunity listing,... electronic in all versions
  • a specific journal for closing transactions
  • an automatic period and year closing  
  • you can consult and print out account histories, specific bookings, journals, VAT declarations, balances (structured balances, profit and loss accounts, trial balances, differential balances with the previous financial year, etc.) at all times
  • call up and print out turnover charts, payment profiles, graphs of general accounts
  • from Wings Professional automatic simulation bookings, depreciation records, commission records 281.50 and commission list 325.50, declaration via Belcotax, ...

You can find an extensive overview of the possibilities and functionalities under ´Wings accounting for SMBs´ and under ´Wings logistics for SMBs´.


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