Total solutions:

Depending on the needs of the organisation, the administration takes place on the basis of modules of Wings Accounting and/or Wings Logistics, possibly supplemented by Wings CRM. The data which are present in Wings can be used in standard applications of Windows, whereby the bank software can also be counted among the standard applications. An exception to this is formed by the Isabel 6 Business suite, which is fully integrated into Wings. (see Integrated products). 

An example of use of standard applications:

  • all results of consultation functions can be copied via the clipboard into a spreadsheet
  • all printouts can be transferred to a standard file format
  • balance data can be executed in a file format that is recognised by other standard applications (e.g. Accon, First, Sofisk, etc.) • software for home banking which follows the international bank standard can be perfectly well used with the banklink module of Wings. The Isabel 5 application also belongs to this category
  • Isabel 6 goes further, because it is further integrated into Wings
  • Wings CRM offers an integration with standard office applications, and includes e.g. a synchronisation of agendas, tasks and contact persons with agendas, tasks and contact persons of MS Outlook.

Integration possibilities of other applications:

Wings possesses various interfaces in order to allow other software solutions to work together seamlessly with Wings:

  • via the Wings Accounting Interface (WAI) one can link applications with modules of Wings Accounting
  • via the Wings Commercial Interface (WCI) one can link applications with Wings Logistics modules.

If you would like to know more about these linking possibilities, you can consult the following documentation:    

If you have any concrete questions about this, you can send them to  

Realised vertical applications:

If you need software for a specific sector, there is a possibility that it has already been realised somewhere via a linking with Wings. In the future we wish to present a list of linked applications. This list will never be complete, because many companies have had a full or partial application developed solely for their own use.   Specific questions about vertical software are best mailed to Some distributors are specialised in specific linkings, so that we can refer you to a distributor who might be able to offer a solution for your needs.




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