Integrated Products

Software from Wings enables you to work efficiently and securely. In so doing, services which are available via the internet are integrated wherever possible.

Wings uses web services

  • direct verification of validity of the VAT number via the internet
  • when creating a customer or supplier record, the address information can be taken over automatically via the internet from the corresponding VAT number
  • validity verification of the SWIFT code (BIC)
  • sending of e-mails

Linking with

With the optional subscription to, essential financial, legal and commercial information of your customers and suppliers becomes directly available in your Wings software modules:

  • via the VAT number you prepare the address information
  • you are automatically informed of changes of address, bankruptcies, liquidation
  • you can always check the financial condition of the company involved (creditworthiness, solvency, various ratios, etc.)
  • you can verify the legal status of the company on the basis of documents published in the Belgian Official Gazette
  • moreover, the on-line database is updated twice a day.

You can find more information via

Isabel6 certified SoftwarePartner

The classic bank-link modules of Wings work together with Isabel5 and with Home-banking software which follow the bank standards:

  • data of outgoing payments and direct debits are prepared for sending
  • from Wings Professional, received Coda files can be input and processed via the bank-link

A number of software components developed by Isabel (the synchronizer) are also processed in the Wings software. When the Isabel6 Business Suite is installed, Wings automatically addresses this from its own application, which definitely improves user-friendliness. Wings handles the selection of the information to be sent and the processing of the received data, the software part of Isabel that runs in the background guarantees the validation and security of the transactions.

For more information:

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