SMBs/Non-profit organizations

The Wings software is adapted to each activity:

  • Wings is available in different versions
  • There are additional optional features per version
  • Wings supports the use in both small and large networks
  • Wings can also be used online via the SaaS model
  • Wide configurability through clear parameters:
    • accounting for individuals
    • can be set as single accounting
    • meets the VAT listing for small business
    • can also be set for those who are not subject to VAT

Wings not only focus on businesses, whatever their size, but also offers specific solutions for non-profit organizations of all sizes.
Since 2004, all non-profit organizations are required to establish their annual accounts in a specific format, so Wings Software offers a solution based on Wings Professional. In addition, specific rates are applied for the non-profit organizations that are not subject to VAT and non-profit organizations in the socio-cultural sector.

Thank to its great parametrability, Wings is ideal for all types of non-profit organizations.

  • Wings has specific account plans for various types of non-profit organizations
  • Separate financial statement for non-profit organizations is also available

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