Conversions to Wings

The transfer of a large number of files from another administration package to Wings requires an organised approach. Therefore Wings Software makes conversion programs available with which, file by file, you can carry out this migration yourself in several steps:

phase 1:  basic conversion of general information  
When preparing a file, the basic data of customers, suppliers and the account plan are converted. Before you begin with the bookings, you check the accounting parameters in Wings: is the financial year properly set? Is there a monthly or quarterly declaration? Do the proposed default accounts exist? ... After this you can enter purchase and sale transactions in the new file in the new period.

phase 2: outstanding transactions 
When all financial transactions have also been entered in the previous financial year, in the second step of the conversion the opening customers and suppliers balance is transferred to Wings. The financial journals with their correct opening balance are also available in Wings. As of now the accounting is conducted entirely in Wings, even if the old financial year still isn´t closed.

phase 3: opening balance
When the end-of-year transactions are entered in the previous package and the financial year is fully closed, you are ready to implement the third phase of the conversion. In this stage, the closing balance is transferred to the opening balance in Wings.

These conversion programs are available for the most common accounting programs on the Belgian market.
If you have a package that still doesn´t appear on our conversion list, on the basis of your details we will study whether this conversion is technically possible.



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